There are different types of accounts on our platform. We would like to explain them here. Keep in mind that these accounts are cumulative; every account type has the same rights as the accounts that precede them in this list.

Student account

A student account is only able to:

  • Learn: students can practice, finish assignments and take tests.

  • Ask questions: In classes with a forum, students can ask questions about the material. In classes with an open forum, they can also answer questions from other students.

  • Review score and progress: Students can see their own score and progress, but not the score and progress of their fellow students.

Teacher account

In addition to what is stated above, a teacher account is able to:

  • Manage classes: This means creating new classes, managing users in a class, managing the content in a class, create assignments and tests based on existing material, send messages to their class, and change the settings of a class.

  • Forum moderation: Teachers can moderate a forum, this means answering questions but also marking answers as correct. They can also see the names of users who have marked their forum activity as anonymous. Furthermore, they can use the forum to report problems with the content.

  • Review score and progress: Teachers can see the score and progress of all users in a class. This includes practice, assignments, and tests.

  • Grade tests: Teachers can grade tests and make test results available to student users.

It is possible to give a student teacher rights in only one class. The student then becomes a teaching assistant in this class.

Author account

In addition to what is stated above, an author account is able to:

  • Create original material: This includes theory pages, exercises, and slide shows. They are furthermore able to organize material into sub-chapters, chapters, and courses.

  • Create exams for teacher accounts: Author accounts can organize exercises into exams and set which classes are able to schedule these pre-made exams.

Manager account

In addition to what is stated above, with an exception of authoring rights, a manager account is able to:

  • Manage user accounts: This includes activating/deactivating/editing accounts of users within their school. This furthermore includes resetting a user's email address or password. They can also upgrade or downgrade accounts (student account/teacher account/author account/manager account).

  • Upload user accounts: They can upload users to the system using a comma-separated values file.

  • Manage classes: This mainly provides an overview of all classes within a school, but also allows the manager to change class names.

  • Manage teachers: This allows the manager to give teacher accounts access to a class, or remove that access.

  • Manage author groups: Create new author groups for their authors and set which author accounts have access to them.

  • Manage departments: They can manage the different departments within their school and set which teacher or author accounts have access to which departments.

  • Manage chapter usage: They can receive an overview of the classes a specific chapter is used in.

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