Our learning analytics allow teachers to monitor the progress of their class and identify at-risk students. 

At the top of the home screen, you will find a button labelled "Report". This will bring you to the learning analytics page.

On the top right of the screen, you will see a number of icons. This is what they do:

Search for specific students. You can select multiple students. Add students to your selection using the + icon.

Apply a time filter to only see the reporting activity during a specific timeframe.

Download a .xls file. The contents will adapt depending on the level of detail you are currently viewing, e.g. class overview, specific chapter, specific subchapter etc.

Open up the legend to check how scores are represented by colors and lenght.

Below that, you will see four different tabs:

Content- View the progress and score per chapter, per student.

Tests- See an overview of tests results per student

Assignments- See an overview of assignments results per student

Dashboard- An analytical overview of the activities and results of your entire class: overall average score, overall average progress, activity rate, activities by date, most recent packages, and average score per chapter. 

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