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Student vs Teaching Assistant
Student vs Teaching Assistant

Learn what is the difference between the Student and the Teaching assistant on the platform

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Differences in access

Students have limited access to the platform. They can:

  • Learn: Students can practice, finish assignments and take tests.

  • Ask questions: In classes with a forum, Students can ask questions about the material. In classes with an open forum, they can also answer questions from other students.

  • Review score and progress: Students can see their own score and progress, but not the score and progress of their fellow students.

Teaching assistants can do everything that Students can, and additionally to that:

  • Moderate the forum

  • View scores and progress of all the students in class

  • Create and edit tests; see test results

  • Create and edit assignments; see assignment results

  • Add and remove students from class

  • Send messages to students

Differences in the layout

The homepage of a Student and Teaching assistant look similar- they both have their score and progress on the right side of the screen. They can both complete theory pages and exercises in the chapters.

The difference is in the header- Teaching assistants have one additional tab: Teacher.

In this tab, Teaching assistants are able to manage users in the class, create and edit groups, manage tests and assignments, and send messages. As Students don't have this kind of access, they also don't see this tab.

Becoming a Teaching assistant

All users on the platform start as Students and are later upgraded to Teaching assistants/Teachers/Authors. If you work as a teaching assistant at your university and wish to have Teaching assistant access, it is necessary that you first sign up to the platform as a Student. Then, the Teacher in your class will be able to give you Teaching assistant access. For further instructions, please visit the article here.

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