Every class in the learning environment has a forum. To use the forum, you will have to enable it. To do so, click on the "SETTINGS" tab in the "TEACHER" environment.

Go to the section labeled 'Forum' and press 'Show'.

You will see three options:

  • Disable forum

  • Enable closed forum

  • Enable open forum

Here are these options explained:

The forum environment

Now that you have enabled the forum, click on the "FORUM" button in the bar at the top of the screen.

Here you will see a list of all the questions asked in your class, and who posted them, for example:

You can find the location of the content the question is about in the blue boxes below each question. They are organized as such: language, class, chapter, subchapter, theory/exercise package. The second question is asked on the forum itself and is not linked to content.

You will also notice red boxes to the left of the question showing a 0. This means that currently, nobody has answered this question yet.

Using the trashcan icon, students can delete their own forum posts. Teachers can delete any forum post.

There are four buttons at the top of the page:

Viewing and answering a question

Click on a question to see the full question. This will also show the exact exercise the question is about, what attempts the students have made to solve the question, what feedback the student received, and what the solution to the question was.

At the bottom of the page is an input field where you can write an answer to the forum post. If you have selected an open forum, other students can answer the question in the same way as well.

To write mathematical formulas, click on 'how do I write formulas' on the bottom right of the input field. You can write formulas using LaTeX and TeX, or Asciimathml.

Once you have answered a question, you are able to see that the forum post has one answer in the overview.

If a correct answer has been given, you can click the checkmark icon. Both the teacher, and the student who asked the original question can do so. This will turn the box to the left of the question in the overview green.

Users can use the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons to vote on a question or answer. This determines their location in the list; questions and answers with more 'thumbs up' will appear higher in the list.

Reporting a problem with a question

Sometimes the forum brings to light a problem with the question at hand. As a teacher, you can use the button:

to report a problem to us. We will resolve the issue at hand swiftly.

Watch a video to see it in action

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