These two types of accounts may seem similar at first, as both of them share a lot of functionalities. Whatever the Teacher can do, the Manager also has access to. The difference is that the Manager has a lot of control on the school level, not just in the class he/she is teaching. For a detailed overview of all the differences, please see the table below.



Manage classes

(create new, edit current, create assignments and tests, send messages, edit settings of the class)

Manage classes- on a school level

(overview of all classes, change the class name)

Forum moderation

Review scores and progress

Grade tests and publish results

Manage user's account

(activate/deactivate, reset email and password, upgrade and downgrade accounts)

Upload user accounts

Manage teachers

(give or remove teacher's access to classes)

Manage author groups

(create new author groups and add authors to it)

Manage departments

(within the school, choose who has access to which department)

Manage chapter usage

(see which chapters are used in which classes)

Upload files to other teacher and author profiles

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