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Manage content in a class

Learn how to manage the content of your class

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Adding chapters to your class

Go to the Teacher tab and click on the "Course material" tab. Make sure that you are in the right class by choosing it in the dropdown menu.

You will see two columns. The column on the right shows all the material you have access to. This is your item bank. The left column shows the course you are creating or editing.

Add content to your class

You can click on a course to see the chapters it consists of. Did you find a course, or a chapter you like? Then, you can drag it to the left column to add it to your class. Alternatively, right-click on the chapter name and then choose "Add".

Edit the course structure

In the left column, you can expand each chapter to see the detailed structure, which consists of subchapters, theory pages and exercise packages, and the specific exercises each exercise package consists of.

You can change the order your chapters are presented in, by dragging chapters vertically. Remember: you need to have an Author profile to change the order of elements within chapters.

There are a few things you can do by right-clicking an element.

Chapter: Remove the chapter from your class, hide the chapter, rename the chapter, or lock the chapter  

Subchapter: Hide the subchapter, rename the subchapter, or lock the subchapter 

Theory page: Hide the theory page, show a preview, rename the theory page, or lock the theory page 

Exercise package: Hide the exercise package, show a preview of all the exercises within the package, rename the package, or lock the package

Individual exercise: Hide the individual exercise

Renaming an element only visually changes the name in your class. It will keep its original name in the Author environment. It's also possible to rename an element on the Home screen by clicking on the menu item next to it (three dots) and then selecting "Rename".

Hiding an element allows you to adjust in detail which learning units you want your students to practice. For example, if students have already mastered the introduction to a chapter, or the first subchapter of a chapter, you might want to hide these elements to not clutter up the screen. These elements are only hidden in this class. As a teacher (hence, not the students!), you still see hidden content in the home view, but then as strike-through text.

You can 'show' hidden elements again by right-clicking on it a second time.

When you lock an element, it will be visible to students, but they will not be able to click it unless you have unlocked it again. You can unlock locked elements again by right-clicking on it a second time. 

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