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Manage classes as a Manager
Manage classes as a Manager

Learn how you can manage classes on a school level

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Both Teacher and Manager can manage classes, but only the Manager can do this on the school level. To see how both Teacher and Manager can edit the course structure, please click here.

If you have Manager access, you are able to create a new class and edit names of other classes within your school (not just your own classes).

Create a new class

Go to Admin, and then click on Manage classes.

At the top of the page, there is an option to create a new class. Just enter the name and click on the button that says "Create new class".

Change the name of an existing class

Go to Admin- Manage Classes, and under the previously mentioned option you will also see a list of all the classes at your school. You can see the class ID, name, access code, and the edit option on the right.

If you click on "Edit" you can enter a different name for the class, and then click "Save".

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