Creating a slideshow works very similar to creating a theory page. Learn more about creating theory pages here.

In the AUTHOR environment, click on the Slideshow tab. Next, click on the

button on the top left.

You will now see a screen with four fields:


Creating new slides

ou will see that your slideshow has no slides yet. Click on Add slide to start creating a new slide. An input field will appear. Give your new slide a name. Click the

button to save. 

You have now created a new slide, but it's still empty. Click on the 

icon to start adding text. Adding text works the same way as when creating a theory page.

In the slides tab, you can edit the texts for each slide and use other options to edit the slides, but you can also change the order the slides appear in. To change this order, simply drag the slides to the desired position by the handles 

next to them. The order is saved automatically. You can also choose whether you want to display the slide numbers before the slide names.

You can preview your slide by clicking the 

icon or by clicking the

button in the top-right of the screen.

Adding images, video, code, and tables works in the same way as when creating a theory page.

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