❗ This is only possible if you have Manager access.

If you want to securely transfer documents to teachers and authors individually, it is possible to upload the documents directly to their profile. Keep in mind that you will only be able to send files to teachers and authors, and not to students.

Go to Admin- Manage Users, and find the user that you want to send the documents to.

Search their profile by any of their information, but we advise you to search them by email, as the email is unique per person.

Once you found the user, click on the pencil next to their name.

In the new window, click on "Add file to downloads". Here you will see the option to choose a file, and then upload it.

Once you have uploaded the file, you will see it in the table below.

They will be able to see the files when they go to their Profile and click on "My Downloads" in the upper right corner.

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