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Create a new exercise

Learn how to create new exercises

Updated over a week ago

In the Author environment, click on the Exercise tab. Next, click on the "New exercise" button.

You will now see a screen with six fields:

Author group: The author group where the exercise will be created.
Internal name: This is the name of the exercise. Please use a good naming convention, to make it easy to find the exercise later on.

The internal name will not be shown to Teachers and Students, it's only visible to Authors.
Status: Whether or not the exercise can be used in packages already.
Type: Which exercise type do you want to create?*

Set: You can create a new exercise in an existing set. If you leave it to "none", a new set will be created with the exercise creation.
Template: Use a template for demo exercises from Sowiso that will help you on your way.

*These are all available exercise types. Click on the exercise type to see a full article on it:

Financial statement

Free body diagram

Input function graph

Input graphs (line, point and vector)


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