In the Author environment, click on the Exercise tab. Next, click on theĀ "New exercise" button.

You will now see a screen with six fields:

Author group: The author group where the exercise will be created.
Internal name: This is the name of the exercise. Please use a good naming convention, to make it easy to find the exercise later on.

The internal name will not be shown to Teachers and Students, it's only visible to Authors.
Status: Whether or not the exercise can be used in packages already.
Type: Which exercise type do you want to create?*

Set: You can create a new exercise in an existing set. If you leave it to "none", a new set will be created with the exercise creation.
Template: Use a template for demo exercises from Sowiso that will help you on your way.

*These are all available exercise types. Click on the exercise type to see a full article on it:


Drag and drop

Drawing molecules



File upload

Financial statement

Free body diagram

Journal and General ledger


Group order

Hidden hotspot


Input function graph

Input graphs (line, point and vector)

Multiple choice

Multiple choice random


Open free


Radio button

Radio button random

Rank order



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