Create options that represent the items to be dragged. In the text field input area you can define the columns/groups that need to be ordered by writing #col(title;a;b;c)# where title is the title of the column and a;b;c is the semi-colon separated list with the items to be dragged to that column. 

If you want, you can add options that are not used in a group. You can also use the same option in multiple groups. For example:

#col(fruit;1;2;5;7)# #col(drinks;6;3)# #col(vegetables;4;5)#


You can use variables for options, but you need to use only one variable per option. So when $a, $b and $c are numeric, this will work:


To allow for empty items, 0 or empty strings are ignored, so that this will also work:


but when $a is "1;2;3", this will not work


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