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Exercise type: File upload
Exercise type: File upload

Everything you need to know about the exercise type: File upload

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The file upload exercise type can be used to let students upload files. An example is the following:

The file types that are allowed are the following: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, JPG, GIF, PNG, pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, csv, odt, ods, txt, zip, svg, ggb, r, R, RData and rdata. The maximum file size for uploads is 16MB.

How do the students see it?

Students can upload a file by clicking “+ Add files”. Your computer file explorer will pop up and you can open one or multiple files at once. It is also possible to drag and drop files from your desktop to the webpage.

After selecting the desired files, students must press “Start” for every file to upload the file to the exercise.

When the upload is completed, your file will look like this:


In general, file upload exercises can only be graded manually and it is not possible to provide feedback to the student.

There is one exception, and this is when students upload files related to the programing language R. These files can be automatically graded using the “eval R” evaluation type in the Solutions tab and the Negative feedback tab. For more information on the “eval_R” evaluation type, see the authoring manual.

How to find/grade the uploaded files when used in a package

If a student makes this exercise as part of a package, they have to press “Solution” after uploading the file. This will make the solution text appear, and the students get a chance to grade themselves.

As a teacher, you can find the uploaded files of a student (and the grade they gave themselves) by looking up the exercise in the Report tab.

When this exercise is used in a package, the teacher cannot change the grades that the students gave themselves.

Can't see the uploaded files?

If you cannot see the uploaded files of a specific student, it is likely because of one of the following reasons:

  • The student forgot to press “Start” in every file they wanted to upload

  • The student did not click on “Solution”

  • The student did not grade themselves

How to find/grade the uploaded files when used in a test/exam

When this exercise is used in a test, teachers can look up the exercise in the review of the test. See this article.

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