Edit the texts that will be shown in the exercise. You can use plain text and html for general markup and either tex or asciimathml for the markup of mathematics. When you use html directly, your input is restricted to the following html tags: table, tbody, tr, td, br, blockquote, b, i, img, em, p, div, span, ul, ol, li, code, pre, sup, sub, a, font, object.

Input of formulas

Use the appropriate delimiters, i.e for

  • LaTeX and TeX delimiter: inline math opens and closes with #, or opens with \( and closes with \). Use the delimiters \[ \] for centered alignment on a separate line. If you want inline math to be centered, you can use the html Align center option 

       of the editor. Note that math is by default displayed in \displaystyle.

e.g. for #\frac{1}{2}=0.5#, use

  • TeX Macros. The SOWISO platform has the following macros already in place. When you use these, you can use the copy and click functionality on the math in an exercise (click on math to copy it to the forumula editor).

Variables in text

To limit the number of variables you need for creating an exercise, you can use php directly in your text, by delimiting it with the ~. e.g. when $a = 3 and $b = 5, you could write ~$a*$b~ which becomes 15.

Automatic replacement in text

More technical information can be found here under "Variables" on the left tab of the page. 

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