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Exercise Type: Hidden Hotspots
Exercise Type: Hidden Hotspots

Everything you need to know about the exercise type: Hidden Hotspots

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The exercise type 'Hidden Hotspots' lets users drag and drop items to one or more hidden hotspots on a background image 

To create the exercise:

Upload the image

Start with the upload of an image. When you go to edit the exercise, under the "General" tab, under Upload, click "Add files...".

The maximum file size for uploads is 16 MB, and make sure that the format is either jpg, gif, png.

Don't forget to click on "Start" to start uploading the image.

Above In the text field input area, you will find a list of available images next to the image label. Choose one in the dropdown. The image you choose here will be used as a background image.

In this example, students need to point at the division key on a calculator, so we will use an image of a calculator.

Once an image is selected, the input area will show the image. Next, you need to define at least one hotspot, by simply dragging over the desired area, from top left to bottom right. In this case, the hotspot will be on the division key:

Then underneath a table with 'Hotspots' and 'Settings' appears, by default area 1 is option 1. And an option row appears in which you can put a text or image.

Make sure that under the image input area in 'Settings' the right option is selected for that hotspot. In the exercise, the student then needs to drag that option to that hotspot.

In this example, students need to place the pin on the division key, so "option 1" will be an image of a pin:

The answer will be correct when the center of the item lies in the correct hotspot.

The final exercise will look something like this:

Wrong answer will look like this:

And the correct answer will look like this:

❗ Note that unused options are also displayed to the student.

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