The exercise type 'Hidden Hotspots' lets users drag and drop items to one or more hidden hotspots on a background imageĀ 

To create the exercise:

  • Start with the upload of an image. Above In the text field input area you will find a list with available images next to the image label. Choose one in the dropdown. The image you choose here will be used as a background image.

  • Next, draw a hotspot on the background image with your mouse. Automatically, an option text field will be created.

  • Under Settings, below the image, per hotspot choose theoption: link the hotspot to an option text field.It is possible to link one option to multiple hotspots. An additional option will be created automatically for the student at runtime.

  • Under options you define the item that needs to be dragged

The answer will be correct when the center of the item lies in the correct hotspot.

Note that unused options are also displayed to the student.

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