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Exercise type: Highlight

Everything you need to know about the exercise type: Highlight

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The exercise type ‘Highlight’ can be used to let students highlight words per category in a text, for example in an exercise about recognizing word classes:

How to make it?

Start by creating a new exercise of the type ‘highlight’. Now you should see the “Edit exercise” screen of your highlight exercise. Write the question text first:

Next, you need to create an option per category by clicking “+ Add” -> “New Option”.

For every option, make sure you set the background colour of the text to the desired colour. This colour should be different for every option. For the example exercise above, this looks as follows:

The background colour of the text can be changed by selecting the text and then clicking the button displayed below:

After making the categories using different background colours, you can write your text in which students can highlight the input area. Here, you need to highlight all correct solutions with the background colour of the corresponding category:

Student answers are checked against the input area.

How do the students see it?

From a student perspective, the exercise looks as follows:

In this exercise, students can highlight words in yellow (for verbs) and orange (for adjectives), and they can erase their highlighted words.


It is not possible to give tailored feedback in this exercise. Two types of feedback are given. Firstly, correctly highlighted words are indicated in green and wrongly highlighted words are indicated in red, as can be seen in the first picture below. Secondly, it is indicated if the student missed a word, as can be seen in the second picture below.

When the student clicks on “Solution”, they see the solution text (which may be empty) and the text in the input area with correctly highlighted words:

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