When creating a new course, it's advised to first create a chapter, and then create a subchapter. This way, once you create exercises and theory pages, you will have a subchapter to connect it to.

Adding a new chapter to a course

Go to the AUTHOR tab in the top navigation bar:

Next, go to the chapter tab and click on the 

button on the top left (below New):

You are now presented with a list of set up options for your new chapter:

  • Choose an author group (should be the same as the author group of the course).
  • Fill in the name (this is the name visible to the student)
  • Choose the status (when unpublished, the chapter will not yet be visible to students)
  • Leave the display to linear
  • Choose a default language

When you're ready, click on 

Creating a new subchapter within a chapter

To create a new subchapter, click on the SUBCHAPTER tab in the AUTHOR environment.

To create a new subchapter, click on

In the next screen, you will be asked to name your subchapter, but also to select the position of this subchapter. In other words, what chapter do you want this subchapter to be a part of?

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