Editing an existing chapter

Learn how to edit an existing chapter

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In the AUTHOR environment, click on the tab Chapter to see all the chapters you have access to. Click on the chapter name or the yellow pencil icon to the right to start editing the chapter. If you see a grayed-out pencil and clicking the name doesn't work, then you probably don't have `write' permission for the author group.

If your chapter is part of a course, you can also start editing the chapter from the Edit course page, simply click the yellow pencil to the right of it.  

Or, if your chapter is already available in a class, you can start editing it by choosing Edit in the three vertical dots menu (or 'kebab' menu) next to the chapter name. In fact, this way you can start editing any item in the class.

Editing a chapter

The edit chapter view is very useful. You can:

  • get an overview of all the subchapters, theory pages, and exercises in the chapter

  • create new subchapters, theory items, packages

  • rename content

  • publish or unpublish content

  • reorder content within the chapter

  • edit content (subchapters, theory items, packages, exercises)

In general, it's a good practice to organize all the work you want to do from the edit chapter page.

You can right-click on a chapter (indicated by the sitemap icon), to trigger a menu:

  • Rename:  This will let you rename the chapter.

  • Unpublish: When you unpublish, the content won't be visible to students or teachers.

  •  Create subchapter: You can use this option to create a new subchapter. A subchapter can contain theory and exercise packages.

Note that there is also a button to create subchapters on the top right corner of the grayed area. The other two options can also be found in the tab General, where you can also move the chapter to a different author group if desired.

Editing a subchapter and other content

You can also right-click on a subchapter (indicated by the folder icon), to trigger a menu:

  • Edit:  This will bring you to a screen where you can edit the subchapter.

  • Rename: This will let you rename the subchapter.

  • Unpublish: When you unpublish, the content won't be visible to students or teachers.

  •  Create theory: Create a new theory page within this subchapter.

  •  Create slideshow: Create a new slideshow within this subchapter.

  •  Create package: Create a new package of exercises within this subchapter.

You have similar options in the right-click menu of theory pages and slideshows, exercise packages, and exercises.

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