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Moving content to another chapter
Moving content to another chapter

Everything you need to know about moving theory pages or packages to a different chapter.

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From the “Course material” tab of the teacher environment, it is possible to add, remove or move around chapters and subchapters. However, it is not possible to move a theory page or a package to a different chapter.

To move theory pages or packages to another chapter, we need a different method:

Step 1

Collect the id number of the theory page/package you want to move to a different (sub)chapter. This can be done in many different ways, for instance by right-clicking on the name of the theory page/package in the “Course material” tab and then selecting “Preview”:

A preview of the theory page/package will pop up, and the URL of this page will contain the theory page/package id, like

Step 2

Find this theory page/package in the authoring environment and open it by clicking on the orange pencil icon:

If you don’t see an orange pencil icon, you don’t have the rights to edit or move this theory page/package.

In that case, if you want to move a theory page, you can copy the theory page by clicking on the green copy button and copy it to the right chapter:

If you don’t see the pencil icon on a package or if you cannot find the theory page/package at all and you are sure that the id number is correct, then you don’t have the rights to change the theory page/package. In that case, you can contact your school manager and ask them to give you appropriate rights.

Step 3

Go to the “General” tab of the theory page/package and choose the right chapter and subchapter next to “Move to”. Don’t forget to click “Save”.

Step 4

Lastly, you can go to the chapter that you just moved your theory page/package to by looking it up in the author environment:

Here, you can change the order of the theory pages/packages in that chapter.

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