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Creating a package and adding exercises
Creating a package and adding exercises

Learn how to add exercises to a package

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Go to the Author tab in the top navigation bar, and then to Packages. Click on the "New" icon.

You will be asked to fill in some information about the type of package you want to create and its position. For instance, if you want your package for practice material, you should select the option "practice" from the dropdown menu "Type". Don't forget to give your package a name and to determine its position on the relevant chapter and subchapter in the content where you want it to be placed.

If you already have an existing package where you want to add an existing exercise, do the following:

From the Author tab, go to the Packages tab and select a package by clicking on its name in blue. You can always use the search bar to search for packages by name or by ID number.

You will now see two columns: the column on the left shows you what exercises are currently in your package. The column on the right shows you all the exercises you can add to this package.

Use the search bar to search for exercises by name or by ID number.

You can add exercises by clicking on the "plus" icon in the right column. You can add the same exercise more than once in a package. You can change the order of exercises in your package by dragging and dropping them.

Clicking on the red "cross" icon in the left column removes an exercise from a package.

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