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Using sections in tests
Using sections in tests

Learn all about using sections in tests

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What are sections and when to use them?

Sections are separate units of a test, that you can use to group your questions. Here are some of the ways you could use the sections:

  • Create a pool of questions to randomly pick a few questions from;

  • Test students per subject, and show them results per subject, making it clearer what they still need to work on.

How to set up sections?

When you are creating your test, in the second step you will be asked to choose your questions. There will already be one section available by default, and you can add more sections by clicking on "Add section".

Click on the word "Section 1" to rename it.

Click on the Filter symbol to choose how many exercises from the section will be pulled for the test. This allows you to create a larger pool of exercises of which each student will only receive a limited number on their version of the exam.

Click on the arrow to shuffle the order of exercises. Students will get this section in a different order.

Click on the trash can to delete the whole section.

To preview an exercise, click on the arrow in the upper right corner of the exercise.

If you are working with multiple sections, you can select the one where you want the exercises to be added.

If you would like your students to see results per section, go to the last step while editing a test, Settings:

Under "View results by section" choose "yes":

In order for these results to show, make sure to release your results fully. You can do this by choosing "Release everything" in the section "Results". It's also possible to initially not release results, but release them later on manually. Learn more about grading and releasing test results here.

How do students see sections?

Students do not see the sections during the test. They can only see their results per section, if you enable this setting (view results per section, release all results).

How to review results per section?

To review the results per question, go to the Test tab and click on the results.

Click on "Result per section"

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