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Releasing Test Results
Releasing Test Results
Learn how to release test results
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One of the settings to choose from when creating and scheduling a test is what you want to show the students after they finished a test, in terms of results and worked out solutions. This setting is found in the “Results” section of the “Settings” tab when scheduling a test.

These options are available to choose from:



Students can review

revoke access /

do not release

hides the test answers and the result from the student


release test

answers only

releases the given answers, but without feedback or score

students only see the answers they themselves have given on this test. They don’t see what the correct answers are, and don’t see a score.

release test

score only

releases the overall test score (in a percentage), but nothing else

no breakdown or information per question is shown.

release / release everything

shows answers, solutions and score to the student

everything is shown to the students right away after submitting the test: an overall test score, a score per question, and also the correct answers (and worked out solutions) if these are available.


choose freely what parts of the test to release

this option allows you to show: score, student's answers, score per question, and solutions. You can choose one or more of these, and they will be provided to the students directly after submitting the test

This release status that was chosen when scheduling the test can also be changed at a later moment in the results section of a test. For example, if you chose "do not release" in your test settings, you will be able to choose "release" later on, once you have checked the answers.

To change the release status after the test is done, go in the Teacher environment to the "Tests" tab en open the test "Results".

Click on "Edit status" and choose one of the options:

Don't forget to select the names of the students that the new settings will apply to. When you are done, click "Save".

There are situations possible where you might want to release test results at a later moment, and not right after submission of the test. For example, you might want to wait with releasing correct answers until every student in a class has submitted the test. Or if you want to manually double-check that the automated grading worked as you expected it to (and optionally manually regrade questions).

In this same menu, it is also possible to revoke earlier granted access to the test results.

There's also an extra option here: deleted. This deletes the test and makes it unavailable to the student. Note that this cannot be undone.

Deleted tests do count as an attempt for the maximum number of attempts.

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