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Difference between a test and an assignment
Difference between a test and an assignment

Learn about the differences between a test and an assignment

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Overview of differences (in more detail below)



Are theory pages available to students?

Can students use automated feedback, hints and solutions?

Can it be paused?

*depending on settings, could be with or without pause

Can it be graded?

Can the Teacher set up any security measures (full screen mode, IP range, etc)

Can the Teacher see the results?

*See the article here to learn how to set up a test that can be paused.


An Assignment is similar to traditional homework. Students get a section of the course that they have to prepare until the set deadline. This includes theory and exercise pages. While doing the assignment, students can use feedback, hints, and have multiple attempts to solve an exercise.

Students can start and pause an assignment as many times as they want, until the deadline. Once the deadline is reached, the assignment is submitted and their score is graded.

This is what an assignment looks like for students:

Teachers can't grade assignments- they are automatically graded by the computer. Instead, you can set up the passing score when you set up the assignment.

You can find the results of the assignments in the Reporting environment, but only after the deadline has passed. Learn more about how assignment scores are calculated here.


A test emulates an exam, and depending on the setting can be formative or summative. Students don't have access to theory pages, and only have one answer attempt per question (unless you set up the practice mode in Test settings), so there is no feedback/hint system.

Tests can't be paused- once the student starts the test, their time starts counting down and they have to finish it and submit it.

This is what a test looks like for students:

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