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Everything you need to know about adding and using formula sheets in practice packages

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Any theory page in a chapter can be added as a formula sheet to all exercises in that chapter. If a formula sheet is enabled, students will see a button “Formula sheet” in all exercises in that chapter.

When the student clicks this button, the formula sheet pops up on the side of the screen and can be opened or closed using the arrows >> and <<.

The Formula sheet button is only available in exercises that are in practice packages in that chapter. In tests or exams, this Formula sheet button is not available.

To add a formula sheet to a chapter, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1

Write a theory page that should become the formula sheet and put it in your chapter somewhere.


Where the theory page looks as follows:

Step 2

Go to edit the chapter by going to the Author environment, clicking on the tab “Chapter” and then clicking on the name of your chapter.

Step 3

Go to the General tab and click the pencil icon next to “No formula sheet”.

Step 4

A list of all theory pages that are in this chapter appears. Choose the theory page that should be the formula sheet and click Save.

You now have enabled a formula sheet in this chapter!

Adding a pdf document or image as a formula sheet

It is not possible to directly upload a pdf document or an image as a formula sheet. What we can do is add images to a theory page by clicking “Insert”->”Image”->”Upload” on the edit theory page.

Pdf files cannot be inserted this way. To insert a pdf file, you would first have to convert the file to an image and then insert the image.

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