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Adding links to a theory page or exercise
Adding links to a theory page or exercise

Everything you need to know about adding internal or external links or a table of contents to your theory page or your exercise.

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It can be convenient to add links to your theory pages or exercises, for example to another theory page (which is an example of an external link) or to a chapter in your current theory page (which is an example of an internal link). See the following example:

To add a link to a theory page or exercise, we first select the text that should be displayed as the link text and then we click on the “Insert/edit link” button.

A link menu will open in which we can paste the URL of the website that we want to link to. This could be another theory page, an exercise, but also any other website inside or outside of SOWISO.

If we choose “Target -> None” then the URL will open in the current tab. If we select “Target -> New window”, the URL will automatically open in a new window. The other fields can be left empty or on their default value.

For internal links you need to have added headings via the “Formats” button.

To add an internal link to your theory page or exercise, you click on the empty URL field in the link menu.

There you will see a list of all headings in that theory page/exercise and you can choose one to link to. You can also choose <top> to link to the top of the page and <bottom> to link to the bottom of the page.

We could use internal links for example to create a table of contents at the top of the theory page.

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