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Linking theory to exercises in a package
Linking theory to exercises in a package

Everything you know about linking theory pages to exercises that are used in a package

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When an exercise is used in a package, there is the possibility to show a button “Theory” next to the button “Solution” in the exercise. When clicking this button, it should show a sidebar with the theory page that the exercise is about. Example:

An exercise from a package that shows the “Theory” button.

Example of the sidebar with a theory page

This “Theory” button can be turned on by going to the “General” tab in the exercise. By default, the Theory is set to ‘none’, meaning that no “Theory” button is shown when the student makes the exercise.

If you want to add a “Theory” button, click the pencil icon next to ‘none’. You can either choose ‘auto’, or you can select a theory page from the list, either by scrolling down or by searching on the name or the id of the theory page.

If you select a specific theory page, this theory page will be shown in the sidebar when the student clicks “Theory” in the exercise. If you set the Theory to ‘auto’, the “Theory” button will show a theory page that is in the same subchapter as the package that the exercise is in. More specifically, it will show the first theory page above the package in that subchapter. For example, if I open the package “Example package” as a student and one of the exercises has “Theory: auto” enabled, then the theory page “Integers” will be shown when the student clicks the “Theory” button.

If the subchapter that the package is in has no theory pages above the package, then the “Theory” button will not be shown when “Theory: auto” is enabled.

It is also possible to change the theory page that is shown based on the package that the exercise is in. To do this, click on “manage theory per package”.

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