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I accidentally deleted my exercise. How can I get it back?
I accidentally deleted my exercise. How can I get it back?

Learn how to restore a deleted exercise

Updated over a week ago

To restore an exercise, follow these steps:

  1. Log in, set your role to “Author” and go to the “Author” tab.

2. Click on “Exercises”.

3. Under “Status”, select “Removed”. You can also fill in other search criteria (like the exercise id or the authoring group) if you remember those.

4. Find your exercise and click on the arrow under “Status”.

5. If you change the search criterium “Status” back to “Select”, you should be able to find your exercise in the list since it is now restored.

❗ It can happen that the arrow for restoring the exercise is grey instead of coloured or that you can’t click the arrow. This is because you don’t have the right to restore exercises for the author group that the deleted exercise is in. For more information on authoring groups and rights, click here.

Only the people that have “Write” access to the authoring group of the deleted exercise can restore the exercise. Conveniently, only people with “Write” access can delete exercises. People with “Read/copy”, “Translate” or “Write/not publish” access cannot delete nor restore exercises.

For changing the access you have to a specific authoring group, you should contact your school Manager. If your school does not have a Manager, please contact us directly at We will then check with our contact at your school to make sure that it's alright to give you the requested access.

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