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Move content to another Author group

Learn how to move content to another Author group

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Packages, theory pages, and subchapters are always in the same Author group as the chapter in which they are positioned. This means that changing the Author group of a chapter moves all the underlying items to the new Author group as well.

Moving a chapter to another Author group

To move a chapter to another Author group, on the tab Chapter in the Author environment, click on the pencil.

If the pencil is greyed out like on the screenshot, or if you see the eye icon, you do not have writing permissions in this Author group.

In the Edit chapter, click on the General tab. You can move the chapter to another Author group in the drop-down menu next to the label Author Group.

Moving an exercise to a different Author group

Exercises are not dependent on a specific structure. You can move these to a new Author group regardless of the (sub)chapter it originally belongs to. They don't have a fixed single position in the hierarchy, and can be in multiple packages (and therefore chapters) at once. This means that exercises which are created in different Author groups can still be in one package in one Author group. Moving an exercise works the same as moving a chapter, starting on the tab Exercises in the Author environment.

When you create a new chapter or exercise, and are able to create content in more than one Author group, make sure to determine in which Author group you want to create it!

Note: Upgrading an account to an Author account and setting permissions within Author groups are done by your support contact at SOWISO ( or (if applicable) your local Manager.

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