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What are Author groups, how do they work, and how can you get access to different Author groups

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Our authoring environment works with different Authoring groups. Author groups are used to assign permissions to Authors and are linked to content items. Content is always created within an Authoring group, and Authors can be assigned to one or more Author groups. Author groups are therefore a great way to determine which institution and which users have access to which content.


University A creates original content in an Author group called University A Author Group. This ensures that other universities, that are not part of this Author group, have no access to content created by University A.

The Engineering department of University B creates original content in an Author group called University B Engineering. This ensures that other departments, for example, the Economics department, within University B cannot create new content for the Engineering department. It can also be used simply to cluster Authors from different departments together.

Different rights within an Author group

Authors can have different types of permission within an Author group:

  • Write: Create, edit and publish original content.

  • Write/not publish: Create and edit, but not publish content.

  • Read/copy: See what is created and published in this group. Copy content to another group, after which you are free to edit that content without affecting the original. You cannot create or publish original content in this group.

  • Translate: Can only translate content in this group.

For example: Author A can WRITE in the Author group 2, but can only read/copy in the Author group 1. Author A doesn't see and has no access to the Author group 3.

Inside of an Author group, Authors can work with exercises, tests, packages, exams, theory pages, slideshows, subchapters, chapters, courses, and feedback templates.

How to get access to an Author group?

If your school has a Manager on the platform, you can contact them to request to be added to an Author group. If your school doesn't have a Manager, please contact us directly at We will check with our contact at your school to make sure that it's alright to give you the requested access, and then add you to the Author group if we get a green light.

Of note: Teachers are not assigned to Author groups; when managing class content, Teachers can view all course content that is available to their institute or department.

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