There are two ways to get to the author environment for exercises:

  1. In the AUTHOR environment, click on the Exercises tab. Select an exercise by clicking on its name in blue, or by clicking on the pencil icon to its right. You can always use the search bar to search for exercises by name or by ID number. 
  2. Is the exercise you want to select already available in one of your classes? Find the exercise you want to edit on the homepage (which shows your current course). Open the package and navigate to the right exercise. Click on the pencil icon next to the ID number. NOTE: You will see two pencil icons; the one on the left allows you to edit the package instead.

Editing an existing exercise

You will now see the following menu:

This means you can start editing the exercise. For more information about what you can do while editing an exercise, see this page on creating a new exercise.

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