Create new tags

Learn how to create new tags

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Tags are created in the Author environment.

Click on the Tags tab to start. The first drop-down menu allows you to select the author group for which you want to create a new tag structure. The easiest way is to work via the Manage tags environment.

Creating new tags

Type the name of your new tag category in the input field labelled New tag. Click the Save new tag button to save.

You can create sub-tags within this larger tag. To do so, select this new tag in the hierarchy below the input fields. You can now create a new tag as you did before, and you will see it will show up as a sub-tag within the first larger tag.

Translating tags

It's possible to translate tags as well. Select a tag in the hierarchy at the bottom of the screen, and click the Translate tag button. You can now input the translations per language. When you're done, make sure to click the Save translation button.

Removing tags

You can remove tags by selecting a tag, and clicking the Remove tag button.

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