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Add tags to elements
Add tags to elements

Learn how to add tags to elements

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It's possible to add tags to anything you created. To read more about what tags are, click here. You can add tags one by one, or in bulk.

Adding tags one by one

Click on the Tags tab. You will find this tab while editing something you created, whether that's a chapter, theory page, exercise etc.

You will see a list of all the tags previously created. Tags are created per author group, so you will see the tag hierarchy of the author group the material you're currently editing is created in. Select the tags you wish to use. They will be automatically added.

Do you have a complicated tag hierarchy? You can click the Open All button to open up every tag to reveal every sub-tag.

Adding tags in bulk

To add tags in bulk, go to the Author environment, and click on the Tags tab.

Click on Manage Tags per chapter.

On the next screen, you will see two columns. On the left, you can select the chapter you want to add tags to. On the right is a list of tags available in this author group.

On the left, select which elements of the chapter you want to add the tag to. On the right, select the tag(s) you want to use. Click the Add Tags button to add the tags to the selected elements.

Removing tags in bulk works in the same way. Select the elements on the left, and the tag(s) on the right. Click the Remove Tags button to remove the tag(s).

You can also select the scope of your tagging using the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. This only works for exercises.

  • Local: Tag the exercise only when it occurs in a certain package. 

  • Global: Tag the exercise in the author environment, regardless of package. 

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