In the AUTHOR environment, click on the Course tab. Next, click on the green button with a white sheet of paper. You can find this button in the top left.

You will now see a screen with three fields:

  •  Author group: choose within which author group you want to create this course
  • Name: give your new course a name 
  • Status: do you want to publish it already? Publishing it means it can be used by teachers, and subsequently by students. Is it just a draft? You can leave it unpublished; but remember to publish it when you're ready! 

Putting content in your new course

In the AUTHOR environment, click on the Course tab. Select a theory page by clicking on its name in blue, or by clicking on the pencil icon to its right. You can always use the search bar to search for theory pages by name or by ID number.

You will now see two columns. The column on the left shows the chapters currently in your course; the column on the right shows you the chapters available to put in your course.

Simply drag chapters from right to left to add them to your course. You can drag them from left to right to remove them. By dragging and dropping you can also change the order of courses in the left column. You can read more here.

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