Slideshows: Add audio

Learn how to add audio to slideshows

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There are two ways to add audio to a slideshow.

Recording audio

It's possible to record audio to add to your slideshow. To do so, click on the AUDIO tab.

You will see four buttons which will help you record instructions:

Here you can record your own audio clips or edit previously uploaded audio files. If the recording exceeds one minute, the file is split, but the recorder will keep recording.

When you're done, you can give your audio file a name. Don't forget to save it with the 

button, or delete it with the 

button when you're not happy with it. You can also download the file to your computer using the 


Upload audio

It's possible to upload audio files (mp3, ogg, wav). The maximum file size for uploads is 16 MB. Audio can be uploaded in the same way as images. Read more about that here. Make sure to copy the reference link!

Attaching audio to your slideshow

You can attach these files to the slides in the Slides tab. To do so, click on the 

Download button in the toolbar while editing your slideshow.

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