A course is a collection of chapters, not unlike a paper textbook. It's used as a clearly defined course, with a learning path.


All content is positioned and presented within a chapter. A chapter is a collection of subchapters.


Subchapters are a collection of theory and exercise packages. Subchapters are always positioned within a chapter.


Theory can either be in the form of a:

  1. theory page, or;
  2. slideshow

Theory is always positioned in a subchapter, which is positioned in a chapter. This means that a theory page can only have one position; it can't be positioned in multiple chapters.

Exercise packages

An exercise package is a collection of exercises, and can therefore contain:

  1. Exercises
  2. Exercise sets {for more information about sets, click here}

Theory and exercise packages are on the same hierarchical level, and both of them are positioned in a a subchapter, which is positioned in a chapter.


Individual exercises are not connected to a package, subchapter or chapter. This means that they can be positioned in multiple packages, subchapters and chapters.

Learn about the structure of content by watching this video:

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