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Automatic access via LTI feature
Automatic access via LTI feature

Learn about the Automatic access via the LTI feature on SOWISO

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What does the "Automatic access via LTI feature" do?

This feature allows you to easily connect SOWISO classes with LMS courses. Before, teachers had to add a SOWISO class access code to the LTI placement, which then can be used in the course. This was part of the "Custom Parameters" option for each LTI placement, or for the top-level LTI tool integration which then applied it to all LTI placements. Now, it's possible to circumvent these "Custom Parameters" completely by saving a specific LMS course ID directly in the SOWISO class settings.

We have developed this feature because we have received feedback that it's not always possible for teachers to add "Custom Parameters" on the LTI placement level, resulting in rather weird workarounds to send their students directly to the right class in SOWISO.

How to set it up?

Take the ID of the LMS course* and put it into the corresponding class settings field in SOWISO.

You find that class setting field under "Teacher > Settings > Access code > Automatic access via LTI":

*We have experienced that finding the actual ID of an LMS course can be rather tricky in some LMS's because some LMS's hide these ID from plain sight and only have them in the course's URL, for example.


Do I have to be the LMS Admin in order to set this up?

Setting up this feature and using it for any course or class is designed to be used by teachers, so you won't need admin access.

Does the Automatic access via LTI feature automatically redirect students to the relevant class?

Yes, students get redirected and automatically enrolled to a SOWISO class based on the LMS course they are "coming from", as long as you have connected that LMS course with that SOWISO class.


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