SOWISO has support for IMS Learning Tools Interoperability ( ) to connect to your Learning Management System (LMS), like Canvas or Moodle

The LTI connection will let you sign in automatically without having to insert a username and password again. Those are synchronised with the LMS. In order to connect you need a:

  • url: use the url of your SOWISO / Bolster website (for example and append /lti, for example

  • consumer key and shared secret. If you do not have them already, you can get those from us by sending an e-mail.

Class enrollment

You can use the access code for class enrollment directly in the url. This will automatically enroll the user in the class (and groups) that the access code belongs to. Use it like this:

When creating the SOWISO resource in the LMS, we accept additional custom parameters that you can pass:

  • accesscode=class_access_code
    this will enroll the student at login to the class that the access code belongs to. It is an alternative to using the access code in the link directly.

  • url=any_url_in_sowiso
    this will redirect the resources to the url provided.For instance, when you want to link to a test with id 3, you could use the url as url=/content/confirm_test/3

  • hidemenu=true
    this will hide the top menu in SOWISO.

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