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LTI integration

Everything you need to know about integration via LTI

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SOWISO has support for IMS Learning Tools Interoperability ( ) to connect to your Learning Management System (LMS), like Canvas or Moodle

The LTI connection will let you sign in automatically without having to insert a username and password again. Those are synchronised with the LMS.

Setting up the LTI (one time)

SOWISO supports two LTI versions, 1.1 and 1.3. They require a different setup.
In order to connect using LTI 1.1, you need a:

In order to connect using LTI 1.3, you need a:

Then you need to share with us your

  • Platform ID

  • Client ID

  • Deployment ID

  • Public keyset URL

  • Access token URL

  • Authentication request URL

What's different with the new LTI 1.3 version?

  • We have improved the grade pushback functionality. Students' results (package progress and test result) can be updated (if a student does the same test twice, the new result will overwrite the old one in the LMS). This needs to be enabled in the LMS.

  • It provides a more secure connection between the LMS and the tool (SOWISO platform).

Class enrolment

Once the LTI connection is made, you can add the links to your classes. You can use the access code for class enrollment directly in the url. This will automatically enrol the user in the class (and groups) that the access code belongs to.

You can find your LTI link under class Settings, under Access code:

Additional custom parameters

When creating the SOWISO resource in the LMS, we accept additional custom parameters that you can pass:

  • accesscode=class_access_code
    this will enroll the student at login to the class that the access code belongs to. It is an alternative to using the access code in the link directly.

  • url=any_url_in_sowiso
    this will redirect the resources to the url provided.For instance, when you want to link to a test with id 3, you could use the url as url=/content/confirm_test/3

  • hidemenu=true
    this will hide the top menu in SOWISO.

  • hidescore=true

    this will disable that package and test scores are sent to the LMS. That can be set for each content integration, i.e., per test and per package.

Setting up the grade pushback

It's possible to choose which grades you want to send from SOWISO to your LMS (test grades and practice package grades). Both of the options are enabled by default, but if you wish to change this, go to the class Settings-LTI.

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