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LTI Integration: Moodle LTI 1.3 (🎥with video)
LTI Integration: Moodle LTI 1.3 (🎥with video)

Learn how to integrate SOWISO into Moodle (LTI 1.3)

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❗Only Moodle Administrators can complete the integration of SOWISO into Moodle version 1.3.

General LTI - IMS & SOWISO

SOWISO has IMS Learning Tools Interoperability to connect to your Learning Management System (LMS), like Canvas, Brightspace or Moodle. The LTI connection will let you sign in automatically without having to insert a username and password again. Those are synchronised with the LMS.

When setting up SOWISO as an external source in the LMS, you must share with SOWISO the e-mail and name of the users.

What information do I need for the Moodle integration?

In order to connect using LTI 1.3, you need a:

Then you need to share with us your

  • Platform ID

  • Client ID

  • Deployment ID

  • Public keyset URL

  • Access token URL

  • Authentication request URL

Setting up the integration between SOWISO and Moodle using LTI 1.3 Step by step


Step 1: Go to Site Administration

Step 2: Go to Plugins

Step 3: Go to External tool-Manage tools

Step 4: Configure tool manually

Step 5: Fill in the required fields

Tool name: SOWISO

Tool URL:
LTI version: 1.3

Public key type: Keyset URL

Under "Custom parameters" you can add a custom parameter with an access code to a specific SOWISO class: accesscode=class_access_code

Class access code can be found on SOWISO, under class Settings-Access code.

If you don't wish to use custom parameters to enroll your students into the specific class, you can use the "Automatic access via LTI feature". Read more about it here.

Click on "Save changes".

Step 6: Send information to SOWISO

When you now go to Site administration-Plugins-Manage tools, at the bottom of the page you will see "SOWISO". Click on the menu.

New window will open with Tool configuration details. Please mail these to


Go to phase 2 when SOWISO has confirmed that we have added the configuration details on our side.

Step 1: Find the page where you want to add SOWISO

Go to Home, or to your Course, depending on where you want to add SOWISO.

Step 2: Add an activity or resource

Click on "Add an activity or resource"

Step 3: Choose SOWISO

Click on "SOWISO" under All.

Step 4: Add name and save

Fill in the activity name (SOWISO) and click "Save and display" on the bottom of the screen.

When you click on "Open in new window" SOWISO will open up.

How to edit the grade pushback settings

Please visit this article.

What's different with the new LTI 1.3 version?

  • We have improved the grade pushback functionality. Students' results (package progress and test result) can be updated (if a student does the same test twice, the new result will overwrite the old one in the LMS). This needs to be enabled in the LMS.

  • It provides a more secure connection between the LMS and the tool (SOWISO platform).

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