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Let students check their whole test or the individual questions in a test before submitting
Let students check their whole test or the individual questions in a test before submitting

Learn how you can use practice mode in a test (score before submit is possible)

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You might want to allow your students to check their answers before submitting a test. There are two options to achieve this:

Check the test before submitting it

How will the students see it?

Your students will be able to check their whole test before submitting it. You can decide on the number of checks they will have.

On the overview page of the test, students will see the "Check" button with the number of available checks in the brackets.

Once they click on the button, their whole test will be checked, and they will get feedback telling them which questions they answered correctly. The "Check" button will be greyed out if they used up all of their checks.

They can open each of the individual questions, and see how much they got correctly. For example, in the exercise below the student will know that they scored 86%, but they won't know which of the numbers are in the wrong column:

❗ Some questions, e.g. multiple choice, only get full marks if the question is completely correct. This default option can be overwritten by an Author.

How to set it up?

Set up your test settings as usual: choose your exercises, language, date & time, and name. If you need help with this, please see the article here. Then, in the Settings tab, make the test available and navigate to the "Tools" section:

Switch to: practice mode (score before submit is possible)

You can decide on the maximum number of checks.

❗ Pay attention when allowing multiple checks on a test with multiple choice exercises, as it will be easier to guess the correct answer.

Check only selected questions before submitting the test

How will the students see it?

This time, students will see a "Check" button only on the questions where you made that available, and not on the general overview page of the test:

The questions where you didn't allow the checks will have a greyed-out "Check" button:

Again, they won't be able to see which part of their answer wasn't correct, they will only see the overall percentage they would score on that question if they submitted it.

Once they used up all their checks, the "Check" button will be greyed-out.

How to set it up?

When you create/edit your test, under "Select exercise" enable the checks.

Select the exercises that can be checked.

The number of checks allowed per question is taken from the "Maximum number of checks" setting, which can be found under Settings-Tools.

In Settings, make sure to switch to: practice mode (score before submit is possible).

Under "Maximum number of checks" choose how many checks students will have. This number of checks will be the same for all the questions you choose.

Then, under "Each question can be checked individually" choose "yes".

Will I see if my students used the checks?

Yes, you will see if your students used the checks, but you will only be able to see their final answer, and not all their tries.

You can see where they used the checks if you go to the student's result

In the column "Check(s)" you will see how many checks were used on each individual question. Also, in the bottom right corner, you will see the total number of checks that the student used.

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