Everything you need to know about the prerequisites feature

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What are the prerequisites?

Prerequisites are a way for teachers to create dependencies within the content, so that certain content can stay locked until its dependencies are fulfilled.

Prerequisites are set up per class and apply to all the students in said class. It's not possible to assign them to individual students.

You can find them under the Teacher tab, under "Prerequisites".

A prerequisite consists of Targets and Sources:


Prerequisite targets are content items that are locked until the student masters the associated sources. All the selected targets get unlocked at once when a student masters all the selected sources.

A target can be: a chapter or a test.


Prerequisite sources are content items that are required to be mastered by a student before the associated targets get unlocked. Additionally or alternatively, date and time can be set to unlock the targets after that.

A source can be: a date, chapter, test, or assignment.


You could create a Midterm test, and make it unavailable for your students until they complete the following:

  • Chapter on Numbers

  • Test: Integers

  • Date: 5.4.2023.

This means that the Midterm test will be available for the students only when all three of these prerequisites are satisfied: the student has completed the chapter on Numbers, the test on Integers, and the required date has been reached.

The students will be able to see the Midterm test on their home page, but it will be locked for them, and they won't be able to do it until they complete all of the sources.

How to create a prerequisite?

Click on "New prerequisite".

In the first tab, "Targets", choose the target. This could be a chapter or a test.

Then, go to Sources and choose a date, chapter, test, and/or assignment that the students will have to complete before being able to access the Target.

You will now be able to see your new prerequisite under the "Prerequisites" tab:

You can additionally edit, copy, or delete it, under "Actions".


My student has completed the test that I set up as a Source, but the Target hasn't been unlocked yet.

Please make sure that you release the test results, and this will make the test complete.

Watch the "Sowiso Webinar: Prerequisites" here:

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