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Where can I find an exercise/theory page ID?
Where can I find an exercise/theory page ID?

Here is where you can find an exercise/theory page ID

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If you wish to report an issue in our course material, it's very helpful if you can tell us the exact ID of the exercise/theory page where you noticed the issue. Here is how you can find the IDs.

The URL of the page

On the platform's home page, open the exercise/theory page. In the URL, see the last 5 digits-they will show the package ID or the theory page ID.

When you open an exercise, you can find the Package ID (of the package to which the exercise belongs to):

When you open a theory page, you will see the theory page ID:

In the exercise on the home page

If you have Author access to the exercise, you will be able to see the exercise ID next to its name, when you open it on the home page:

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