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Things to check before starting a test
Things to check before starting a test

Here is a list of things that you should check before starting your test

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Have you already created your test, and you want to make sure that everything will work fine? Here are some settings that might slip through the cracks. Make sure to check each of them, so your test runs smoothly.

In this article, we will cover:

Date and time settings

There are two different time indicators in your test settings:

  • the first one shows you the period of time when the test can be started

  • the second one is the actual duration of the test

To make sure there is no confusion between the two, check the following:

When you go to edit your test, go to the Date&Time tab. Here you can set up the time window when students can start the test. The "End" indicator shows when is the last moment the students can start doing the test.

To check the actual duration of the test, go to Settings-Duration in minutes. Here you can decide how much time students will have to finish the test.

Language Settings

Make sure that the test is available in the language that the exercises are made in. For example, if you made your exercises in English, make sure to only choose English as the language.

If you only make your exercises in Dutch, and make the test available in both Dutch and English, students who have their profile set to English will not be able to see the exercises. They will get this message:

If you want your students to have the option of doing the test in both English and Dutch, for example, then first make sure that all the exercises are translated to both languages (see here how you can do that). Then you can choose both languages in your test settings.

Extra time for some students

Do some of your students need extra time on the test? Be sure to check if this is already set up.

Go to Teacher-Tests and click on the Student Settings icon.

Here you can change the duration of the test, and choose the students that this change will influence. This is also where you can give extra attempts to students, in case something happens during the exam (lost internet connection, student accidentally submits without being done, etc).

Test availability

Last but not least, check if your test is already available to students. Go to the test settings and choose "Available" under Scheduling.

The test will show up on the student's homepage, but they won't be able to do it until the chosen starting time.

We advise you to also do the test yourself, as you will be able to notice the potential issues and correct them beforehand.

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