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How to do your test/exam before your students
How to do your test/exam before your students

Learn how you can give yourself access to your test before the actual test start date

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You have created a test on the platform, and you would like to try it out before you make it available to the students. But when you go on the home page, the test is still not available for you. This happens because here the same rules apply to both teachers and students in the class. So, if the test is unavailable in the general test settings, it will be unavailable for you as a teacher as well.
Go to Teacher tab, to Tests, and click on the little arrow to expand the window on your test. Then click on "Student settings".

This is where you can make exceptions to the general test settings you have previously set. Change the status to "Available" and select yourself from the student list below. Finally, click "Save".

Be sure to check the date as well. Choose the date that will allow you to see your exam right away (include the current date as well).

You will now see the test on your home page.

Watch the video to see another example:

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