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How to review scores and progress? (Teaching Assistant)
How to review scores and progress? (Teaching Assistant)

Learn where to find scores and progress of students

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What are scores and progress?

Student's score shows how good are their results when doing exercises on the platform. Progress shows how far into the course they are. These two are not to be mixed. For example, a student can have a high score (meaning they generally get good results when doing exercises), but low progress (they only did a few chapters on the platform). It can also happen the other way around:

Where can I see the overview?

To see the overview of student scores and progress, go to Report-Content, and you will find a table of scores and progress of all the students in the class. Find out more about all the buttons in the reporting environment here.

Can students see their scores and progress?

Students can also see their own average score and average progress on their home page and in the Report tab.

Be sure to emphasize that these are not their grades, to avoid any possible confusion.

Curious how score and progress are calculated? See here.

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