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Adding your colleagues/teachers to your class
Adding your colleagues/teachers to your class

Learn how to add other teachers to your class

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As a Teacher, you are able to add other Teachers to your class. To do this, go to the Teacher tab, and click on Users.

On the right side of the screen, you will see a search bar. Here you can search for the Teachers that already have accounts, and add them to your class by clicking on the plus symbol next to their name.

To remove teachers, click on the trashcan symbol next to their name.

Teachers don't have an account yet?

The previously explained method will only work if Teachers already have an account. If they don't, they will first have to join the platform as students would. All the users on the SOWISO platform start off as Students, but we can then manually upgrade them to Teachers.

You can send an Access Code to your colleagues, and it will enroll them directly into the class where they need to be. To get the Access Code, go to the Teacher tab, Settings, and then click on Access Code.

Click on "New code" and the code will be generated for you.

If you have multiple groups in your class, you can also generate a different Access Code for each group.

To learn more about adding new Students to your class, please read the article here.

Once your colleagues have their Student accounts, you can let us know what their email addresses are and request them to be upgraded to Teachers. You can always contact us at

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