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Adding your colleagues/teachers to your class (NEW) (🎥with video)
Adding your colleagues/teachers to your class (NEW) (🎥with video)

Learn how to add other teachers to your class

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As a Teacher, you are able to add other Teachers to your class. To do this, go to your class and click on "Add new user" in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Adding Teachers who have an account

On the left side, you can search for Teachers who already have an account on the platform. Search for their name and click on "Add".

Adding Teachers who don't have an account

You can invite new Teachers to join the platform by copying the access code on the right side of the screen. If there is no access code available yet, you can generate it.

If there is already an access code available and you click on "Generate", the old access code won't be valid anymore.

Copy the full URL and send it to your colleague(s). Make sure to copy the correct URL: If your school is using an LMS integration (Moodle, Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard, etc), only share the LTI access code with your students and colleagues.

If your school is using SURFconext, be sure to send them the SURFconext link instead.

They will get this new window that will ask them to put in their full name, email, and password.

By signing up, a Student account will be created for them, and they will be added to the class you invited them to. To upgrade their account from Student to Teacher, please contact and mention the email address of your colleague.

❗ Keep in mind that we only give access to users when we know the requester. If we don't know you, we will reach out to our contact person within your school and ask if we are allowed to give this access.

The short access code is used for users who already have an account on the platform. For example, you could send this short access code to students that already followed a class last year, but now need to join a new class. They can add this code on the home page.

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