Here is how you can make a test that your students can pause and come back to.

How will the students see it?

Students will see an additional "Stop" button on the test overview page.

When they click on it, they will be taken to the home page where they can scroll through the course material, before returning to the test. They can also log out and leave the platform, and then return and continue doing the test.

They can return to the test by clicking on the blue "Test" button.

Once the student is ready to submit the test, they can click on "Submit".

How to set it up?

To make this possible, go to Test Settings, and under Security, "During the test, the course is available", choose "course available".

With this setting enabled, students will be able to pause the test, and then visit the home page and go through the course material, before returning to the test.

โ— Tip

Set up the duration of the test to "0" which will allow students to have unlimited time to do the test. Do this under test settings, Scheduling, Duration in minutes:

You can still limit the time period when the test will be available for students to start it, under "Date & Time":

Will I see which students paused the test?

You won't be able to see which students paused the test in the test results. You will be able to see the duration of each of the tests, which could indicate which students took breaks (the duration of the tests keeps running when the test is paused).

Does the timer keep running while the test is paused?

Yes, the time count keeps running. You won't be able to see how much time the student actually spent doing the test, and how much time the test was paused.

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