Editing an existing course

Learn how to edit an existing course

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As an author, you will often be working on an already existing course. A course is a collection of chapters. You can find the courses you have access to on tab Course in the AUTHOR environment.

Here you can do two things:

  1. View which courses you have access to, and edit these.

  2. Create a new course.

Every course belongs to an author group. It's good practice to have one course per author group. If the course you want to edit is not listed here, you probably are not (yet) a member of the author group of that course.

Editing the course

To edit the existing course click on the blue name or on the yellow pencil icon to the right of a course. If you don't see the yellow pencil or if it is grayed out, then you don't have writing rights in this author group. This opens up the edit Course page, where you can see all the chapters that are in this course. 

On the right is a list of chapters you have access to; on the left is a list of chapters currently available in your course. You can either add or remove a chapter to your course by dragging it from one side to the other.

  • Add a chapter by dragging it from the right to the left.

  • Remove a chapter by dragging it from left to the right.

You can also reorder the chapters in the left column by dragging them up or down.

From this edit Course page you can also edit every chapter belonging to the course by clicking the pencil icon next to the chapter.

Watch a video to see it in action:

Edit an existing course: 16:10-end

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