Exercise type: Dropdown

Everything you need to know about the exercise type: Dropdown

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A dropdown exercise is an exercise where the student needs to choose an answer from a list of options presented in a dropdown menu. Example:

Adding options

To add options, go to the “Texts” tab and click on “+Add” -> “New option”:

All options will be assigned a number, as can be seen below:

Defining the solution

To specify the correct solution, go to the “Solutions” tab and put the number of the correct option in the definition field:

If multiple options are correct, it is possible to add an extra solution by clicking “+ Add solution” in the “Solutions” tab. Note that students can only select a single answer from the dropdown list. Full grades are given to the student if they select one of the possible solutions.


It is possible to add Negative feedback. This works the same way as the “Solutions” tab: put the number of the option you want to give feedback on in the definition field.

Multiple answer fields

This exercise type supports multiple answer fields, but only if all answer fields have the same options. If you would like to have a dropdown exercise with multiple answer fields that all have different options, you can use the exercise type: Open free. An example is the following:

The number of answer fields can be changed in the “General” tab of the exercise.

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