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How to review anonymized student solutions
How to review anonymized student solutions

Learn how you can present and review anonymized student answers

Updated over a week ago

This feature makes it possible to share one of the student's answers and present it to the class while keeping the student anonymous.

First, go to the package to find the exercise.

When you open the exercise, in the upper right corner click on "View student attempts".

Click on "Save attempt" if you wish to present it to the class.

Now that you saved the attempts you want to present to the class, you can click on "View all saved attempts" or go to the Report tab, to Attempts.

Option 1:

Option 2:

You will see your saved attempts there. Click on "Present all" to show them.

You will see the full answer of the student (including any mistakes they made before coming to the solution). The name of the student won't be shown.


I can't see any attempts, but I know my students already did some exercises.

The student has to come to the solution by themselves before you can see and save their attempt. If the student comes to the solution by requesting it from SOWISO, that is not counted as an attempt.

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