Learn how to use faculties on the Sowiso platform

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We use faculties on the Sowiso platform so that we can have a better overview of which classes belong to which faculty.

Is using faculties mandatory?

No, your school doesn't have to use this functionality, especially if only one faculty uses the Sowiso platform. On the other hand, if there are two or more faculties using the platform, we strongly recommend that you sort your classes into faculties as this provides a better overview (for statistics, billing, etc).

If your school doesn't have any faculties set up, you can make your new class as usual, without having to choose a faculty when creating it.

If your school has faculties set up, you will have to choose a faculty every time you create a new class.

Who can create new faculties?

Only admins (Sowiso employees) can create faculties. Please get in touch with us if you would like us to create (additional) faculties for your school: support@sowiso.com

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